How to remove Tracker and Nautilus from Ubuntu

To completely remove the requirement for Tracker and Nautilus in Ubuntu you will need to install a new desktop file manager to replace Nautilus, called Nemo Desktop.  This may sound like a scary component of the operating system to change but on Ubuntu Linux it is actually quite easy.

While browsing through my system on Ubuntu this last week, I was surprised to find that Tracker had configuration set up within it’s architecture that interfaced with an advertising company known for providing parking or bulk traffic ads, and these were then forwarding data on to the Google Ads API to archive data about the user’s activity and device.  I will omit the name of the intermediary company that passes the data on to Google as it is not relevent here and may be easily found by searching the files of one’s own home folder.

On to the cleanup . . .

Step 1) To install nemo follow the instructions at this guide I have linked to, starting at “To Use Nemo Instead Of Nautilus…”:

Step 2) Reboot.

Step 3) To remove tracker, you can either mask tracker which will allow you to reverse this change later, or you can remove it completely.

To only mask or block Tracker from running on startup, follow the guide I have linked to here:

To remove completely run the command:

sudo apt remove tracker tracker-extract tracker-miner-fs

Step 4) Remove Nautilus completly, with the command:

sudo apt remove nautilus
sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

Step 5) Reboot one more time and then run this command which should print out “Command ‘tracker’ not found”:

tracker --version

That is it, you are done and can relax now that Tracker is disabled and unable to compile data about you and your system.

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