Permanently Disable All Service Workers For Chrome/Brave Browsers

If you are aware of what service workers are you will probably want them removed from your browser, here are the steps.

( On Windows or Macintosh the general process is the same, you will want to make the folder read-only and delete it’s contents, so that the browser still thinks the folder is there but will not be able to write to it or execute scripts that it writes to that folder. )


Step One:

Open a new terminal, and enter the following command and hit enter:

cd .config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default

Step Two:

Change permissions to read-only for the ‘Service Worker’ folder, using the following command:

sudo chmod 500 Service\ Worker/;

Step Three:

Delete all files and directories within the ‘Service Worker’ folder with the following command:

sudo rm -R Service\ Worker/*;

Step Four:

Now that new service workers cannot be created, we will unregister all of the currently running service workers by going to the local Brave URL brave://serviceworker-internals/ , and clicking “unregister” beneath each listed service worker.  Do this until there are no more service workers listed.

Confirm it Works:

Open up a regular browser window ( not incognito ) and go to , and click any video.  Now open a new tab and go to brave://serviceworker-internals/ or chrome://serviceworker-internals/ (you will need to copy the link manually because WordPress doesn’t recognize ‘brave://’ as a protocol), if everything was done properly you should still see a blank page with no service workers listed.  YouTube will always start a new service worker so this is an easy way to confirm they are in fact blocked from starting.

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