Ubuntu Linux Setup Checklist

This is my collection of things to change or install on a new installation of Ubuntu Linux operating system, so that the next time I need to resinall the OS I can go through the steps quickly and save time searching for them again.



Install Tweaks for more complete Gnome desktop options, like scaling the background wallpaper or changing desktop icons.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Install dconf to edit system settings with a GUI, similar to Windows registry keys.

sudo apt install dconf-editor
Remove Tracker ( v. 2 )
systemctl --user mask tracker-store.service tracker-miner-fs.service tracker-miner-rss.service tracker-extract.service tracker-miner-apps.service tracker-writeback.service
tracker reset --hard
Remove Tracker ( v. 3 )
systemctl --user mask tracker-extract-3.service tracker-miner-fs-3.service tracker-miner-rss-3.service tracker-writeback-3.service tracker-xdg-portal-3.service tracker-miner-fs-control-3.service
tracker3 reset -s -r
Replace Snap Store with Gnome Software

Replace Snap with Gnome as default installation manager to avoid Snap’s massive resource usage but still support snap installs.

sudo snap remove snap-store && sudo apt install gnome-software



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